Meeting Information:
When: Thursday Nights at 8:00 pm

Dunwoody United Methodist Church
1548 Mount Vernon Rd.
Dunwoody, GA 30338

We are no longer in the basement. We have moved upstairs to rooms 258 and 259


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Joe Mc Q. and Charlie P. met in 1973 at an Al-Anon convention. They instantly discovered their mutual fascination with AA’s basic text “THE BIG BOOK”. That interest began a close relationship which lasted until their deaths in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Soon they were planning meetings at AA conventions in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and within a few years, the meetings grew in popularity. In 1977, an AA taper made a 4 set tape of their presentation and called it “Joe and Charlie’s Big Book Study”.

        At the 1980 International Convention in New Orleans, Westly P., a passionate Big Booker from Pompano Beach Florida, organized a lunch for 1500 AAs from all over the world. He gave away 100 Joe and Charlie  tape sets as door prizes. Invitations exploded and, within a couple of years, Joe & Charlie were presenting about 36 studies a year worldwide. Obviously, these Big Book studies struck a deep chord within AA members.

In the early 1990’s, brothers Dante and Rick Ragghianti from Atlanta were taught this method of study from Joe & Charlie personally. They in turn schooled many others, including Larry Scott. Larry, along with Charlie Yow started a Big Book study at the MARR men’s center. The Big Book Study then moved to Dunwoody UMC where Christian Proctor took over after Charlie’s passing. The meeting grew in popularity quickly. Christian stepped down as a presenter, and Gene Russell sat in with Larry until Jan. of 2016. At that time Larry and Gene stepped down as presenters at the Church. AA was done a great service by Larry, Charlie, Christian, and Gene throughout their run carrying this message.

We Are Not A Glum Lot is proud to carry on this tradition, only now we rotate the two presenters on a quarterly basis. It is our mission to bring this lifesaving program to alcoholics the way it was intended, with the clear cut directions and instructions straight from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We welcome you to join us every Thursday evening at 8pm for our Big Book study.

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